Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana

S.J.S.R.Y. (Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana)

SJSRY, poverty alleviation programme is being in operation in this municipality successfully. This programme seeks to provide gainful employment to the unemployed and underemployed urban poor through encouraging the setting up of self-employment ventures or provision of Wage Employment. This programme is executed in close interaction and guidance of SUDA.
  • The programme targets urban population living below the poverty line
  • The special schemes of the programme are:
    • Urban Wage Employment Programme
    • Urban Self-Employment Programme
  • Components of Urban Self-Employment Programme are :
    • Setting up of micro-enterprise
    • Formation of DWCUA Groups
    • Vocational Training for skill development
    • Formation of Thrift & Credit Groups
  • Amongst the target groups special attention is given to women, persons belonging to Scheduled Caste / Tribes, disabled persons.
The most important feature of SJSRY is the active participation of the women of the poor families in formulating, implementing and supervising the schemes. For this a three-tier structure has been formed at the municipal level consisting of Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs), Neighbourhood Committees and Community Development Societies.

Another very prominent part of this scheme is the formation of Thrift and Credit Groups and the DWCUA (Development of Women and Children in Urban Areas) groups.
Through successful implementation of this programme following achievements have been made.
  • Poor women have been playing an important role in decision making.
  • They have been playing a vital role in preparation of Ward Level Municipal Development Plan.
  • There have been empowerment and skill development through Community Contracting. A sense of ownership has also been generated.
  • CDSs / TCGs have succeeded in resolving the household conflicts mainly related to domestic violence.
  • Access to education and health services has increased due to awareness and visible income opportunities through SJSRY.
  • Micro-finance has enhanced social and economic security, promoted livelihoods, revived local economies, empower women and poor people and build democratic organisation.
  • The status of poor women in the family as well as in the society has increased through the programme Social mobilisation has increased.