Board of Administrators

Mrs Minakshi Bhakat ,Chairperson

Administrative member

Mr Subrata Mahara

Administrative member

Mr Abbas Hossain

About The Rampurhat Municipality

Rumpurhat Municipality was entablished on 1st April 1869, but up to – 1882, it had not any independent existence, like other offices it was controlled by Magistrate Office. During that time there was no Chairman of the municipality; Magistrate was the Controller of municipality. Later on after 1882 Rampurhat Municipality had got its own formation as an autonomous body and became local government. Rampurhat Association, a citizens organization, had help Rampurhat Municipality by donating land for the construction of municipal building.
Total Rampurhat municipal area divided into 29 nos. of Mouzas. Previously, there were no wards and later there were 18 wards under Rampurhat Municipality. Later on after amalgamating surrounding Panchayets within Rampurhat Municipality in 1995 and then after, at present Rumpurhat Municipality has 35 nos.wards.